Engine Re-power

Winter is generally a good time to re-power a marine application, if you may be thinking to do so.  When giving it some thought, there are always advantages and disadvantages to installing similar or completely different engine types.  If you happen to come across the same exact engine for little money, considering the cost, great!  We won’t judge you for that.. Over all a new used engine can save you time and money when all said and done.  The disadvantage to this is of course, the uncertainty of a solid confident purchase.  When purchasing a used engine or piece of equipment, we would always advise an oil sample be taken and analyzed prior to the purchase of sale.  Also, it may be a good idea to have all repairs needed to be done prior to installation.  This will also cut down of cost.

When looking for a new engine and or dissimilar engine type, there can be several factors involved.  This procedure has potential to head south quickly! First, we would strongly advise you create a budget.   Look out for yourself and protect your wallet.  Make sure the proper person has seen your equipment, knows what they are working with, is aware of your budget and has a competitive price on several different engine types.

This work can generally be linked to a quote.  Don’t be afraid to ask.



Environmentaly safe parts cleaners

Everyone knows in the boating world, a clean bilge is a happy bilge.  The environmental officials tend to agree with this.  We enjoy trying new products with the different jobs we come across.   One area that we are always looking to improve is cleaning after cooler cores and heat exchangers.  To find a product that is durable, yet respects the different metals that make up a cooler core actually turned out to bee more difficult than we had anticipated..  We have settled on a product called Barnacle Buster.  It seems to speed up the process and time period it takes to clean a core.  This product is environmentally safe and tough enough to eat its way through the hardest grease, grime, and soot deposits we would throw at it.  However, if you choose to use this product DO NOT USE on steel.  It results in a chemical reaction leaving nothing but a disappointed look on your face. I myself recommend testing a small portion of this product on any parts that may be questionable.  We found this product to work in an outstanding way to flush the raw water side of A/C systems.  https://www.trac-online.com/

Lukas Smith

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Diesel Smith LLC is a Cape Cod, MA based business started in October 2014. We are a mobile diesel engine repair and service company that also specializes in electronic lighting and navigational installs. Being based on beautiful Cape Cod, gives us an endless amount of opportunity in such a maritime environment. This blog will allow us to do product reviews, write about our experiences in the industry, as well as tie the maritime community together by sharing similar interests.