LED Strip Lighting

Everyone wants to add that additional wow factor to their boat.  One of the easiest most cost effective way to do this is through LED lighting.  I have been getting a lot of requests for accent lighting under gunnels and in other nooks and crannies.  For projects like this I use LED strip lighting.  There are a couple of different types that I have found work really well.  The first one is Sea Master (http://www.seamasterlights.com/).  These lights range from 5 inches to 40 inches.  They are a little pricy but definitely perform well.  The next type are the “cut to length” strips from Super Bright LED’s (https://www.superbrightleds.com/).  These lights are cheaper but still get the job done with plenty of lumens.  The last place is Coastal Night Lights (http://coastalnightlights.com/)  These are the cheapest of the three but still are able light up whatever you need.  Ultimately the main difference is longevity.  LED’s will burn for thousands of hours so even if you spend a little more upfront you wont have to do it again for a long time.

Chris Karras

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