Environmentaly safe parts cleaners

Everyone knows in the boating world, a clean bilge is a happy bilge.  The environmental officials tend to agree with this.  We enjoy trying new products with the different jobs we come across.   One area that we are always looking to improve is cleaning after cooler cores and heat exchangers.  To find a product that is durable, yet respects the different metals that make up a cooler core actually turned out to bee more difficult than we had anticipated..  We have settled on a product called Barnacle Buster.  It seems to speed up the process and time period it takes to clean a core.  This product is environmentally safe and tough enough to eat its way through the hardest grease, grime, and soot deposits we would throw at it.  However, if you choose to use this product DO NOT USE on steel.  It results in a chemical reaction leaving nothing but a disappointed look on your face. I myself recommend testing a small portion of this product on any parts that may be questionable.  We found this product to work in an outstanding way to flush the raw water side of A/C systems.  https://www.trac-online.com/

Lukas Smith

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